At Sheridan Gardens Detox in San Diego, CA we offer unparalleled service and client care. Our experienced staff of treatment professionals offer the highest level of care to all of our residents. Take the first step towards total recovery from drug and alcohol addiction at Sheridan Gardens. Our evidence-based programs offer all of our clients the necessary tools to succeed in their recovery.

Sheridan Gardens Wellness provides:

Quiet and serene one-acre setting

Our beautiful and private garden property offers the perfect setting for beginning the recovery process. From the Zen rock garden to our organic vegetable garden, you will always feel a sense of wellbeing when you are on our coastal property.

Comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment

Our team of experienced clinical professionals will work with each client to address their addiction issues and build a treatment plan around each of their individual needs.

24-hour Care and Supervision with Experienced staff

When entering the detox phase of addiction recovery it is essential to be under the supervision of our trained professionals, as attempting to go through the detoxification process on your own can be dangerous. Our staff of well-trained and experienced trained consultants will be on site 24-hours a day to monitor our client’s withdrawal symptoms and overall health and wellbeing.

Detoxifying from Alcohol, Heroin,Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Crystal Meth & Other Drugs

The primary hurdle to breaking the cycle of addiction is to allow the individual to cleanse themselves from substances that they have become physically and psychologically dependent on. This withdrawal process is often uncomfortable and even dangerous without proper treatment.   Depending on the substances used and the intensity and duration of their use withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Nausea
  • Dry Mouth
  • Sweating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Shaking
  • Insomnia and/or excessive fatigue
  • Seizures and even death

Professional Supervision from consulting physicians

Our chief consultants works with every client to custom tailor an individualized detox program that will help assure a safe and full detoxification. While working with a team of trained professionals, we are able to offer a safe and comfortable recovery from addiction in a discreet non-hospital setting.

Evidence-based withdrawal symptom management

Detoxification is often accompanied by physical and emotional discomfort, which is monitored and managed by our team of experienced and treatment professionals. We use modern evidence based approaches to help all of our clients detox in the most comfortable and compassionate way possible.

Group and individual therapy

Our Clinical Director and dedicated staff of licensed drug and alcohol addiction counselors work with every patient to develop a treatment and aftercare plan. Clients will work both as individuals and as a group to start identifying and working on the root causes of their addictions.

Onsite health and wellness activities

Typically, the initial stages of addiction recovery and detox process are spent resting and having a time of physical restoration. However, once the client is feeling better they are encouraged to participate in activities such as grounding, restorative yoga and music therapy sessions. Healthy recovery centers on the revitalization of mind, body and spirit.

Case management and after care planning

Every client will meet with both our clinical director and experienced drug and alcohol counselors to develop an aftercare plan that best suites the client’s needs. We work with a number of Southern California’s leading outpatient, residential treatments and sober livings. We work with respected facilities that offer a wide range effective treatment modalities.

Organic-based nutrition program

The detoxification and addiction recovery process is a time of restoration for every client, and it is critical that those looking to make a full recovery start introducing healthy nutrition into their daily routine. Our onsite chef prepares delightful meals for our residents using locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Regional transportation assistance

We offer regional transportation to all of our clients including to and from local airports, residents, and treatment facilities. 

Our process is simple and it works. With only six individuals in our program, everyone receives the time and attention they need to get to the root of the addictive behavior.
— Bob Carroll, Sheridan Team Member